Felix Jamestin's Blog

Hi, I'm Felix. I'm passionate about creating things with care, and am grateful that i can do that for a living 🙏

I’ve helped build, ship and scale a variety of successful products: mobile & desktop apps in mobile payments, employee benefits, expense management, domain & email hosting services and enterprise chat.

Alongside work, my wife & I founded and built Myoki (wound down now), a travel startup that allowed you to book the best villas in India & Southeast Asia. We built it from the ground-up and are proud to have been bootstrapped & profitable 🙌.

Personal values

You're at your best when aligned to your values. These are mine:

* Be your best self, help others be their best selves: unlocking your true potential and helping others unlock theirs is as close to living a meaningful life as I've discovered

* Create things people love: things that aren't just useful and usable, but fun and beautiful too. Why pick function over form when you can do both

* Craft is important: the details matter – from a product's visual and interaction design to the words that are used to sell it. This quote resonates with me

* High resolution matters: the more you learn, the better you see; the better you see, the more interesting things are

Get in touch

I’m available at the following places –, twitter and instagram. If you'd like to collaborate on projects or just say hi — feel free to reach out.