Felix Jamestin's Blog

Hi, I'm Felix. I'm passionate about creating things with care, and am grateful that i can do that for a living 🙏

I grew up designing & developing back when websites had guestbooks, hit counters and animated mastheads with 🔥flaming text (we’ve come a long way. Or maybe not)

Fast-forward to today, I’ve helped build, ship and scale a variety of successful products: mobile & desktop apps in mobile payments, employee benefits, expense management, domain & email hosting services and enterprise chat.

I now lead product management teams at Zeta / Directi where i'm lucky to work with folks i admire. I also setup and ran zeta’s highly-regarded design team till its roots told hold.

Alongside work, my wife & I founded and built Myoki, a travel startup that allows you to book the best villas in India & Southeast Asia. We built it from the ground-up without external funding, and are proud to say we're bootstrapped & profitable 🙌.

I also dabble in smaller experiments: 

Personal values

You're at your best when aligned to your values.  these are mine:

* Consume less, create more: more words, more art, more code — anything that lets you put something beautiful out into the world. Creation is the fundamental verb after all.

* Create things people love: things that aren't just useful and usable, but fun and beautiful too. Why pick function over form when you can do both.

* Craft is important: the details matter – from the words that are used to sell to how a product seems to telepathically know what you want. This quote resonates with me.

* High resolution matters: the more you learn, the better you see; the better you see, the more interesting things are. Always be learning.

* Everything is learnable: no skill is beyond learning, practise and persistence. Believe in yourself.

* Be kind: work is important. How we treat each other, even more so.

Get in touch

I’m available at the following places –, twitter and instagram. Feel free to reach out – I’m happy to help.