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Introducing Mono: A themeset for Roam

What is Roam?

Roam is a tool that lets you effortlessly capture, remix and rediscover ideas; a second brain for your brain, if you will.

Here's two great introductions to it:

Onto the themes

Mono comes with several styles. See below for how to set them up.

Step 1: Create a new page for your CSS

You can do this by creating a new [[roam/css]] page in Roam. This is where your styles sit.

Step 2: Create a block for the Mono theme

Step 3: Create a code block under the theme

Step 4: Change the code block's type to CSS

Step 4: Paste the theme's CSS into the code block

You can copy Mono's CSS from the link below. Once you paste the CSS, Roam will update to reflect the new theme.

CSS Link:

Step 5: Pick a style from the themeset

You can change styles by coping over the current style at the top from one of the several styles in the CSS.

Step 6: ...and that's it. You're done 🎉

Credits: Azlen Elza and Maggie Appleton's themes were used as a base and helped shape several parts of Mono. To them – thank you 🙏